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OCEAN® Catalog 2024

We are so proud to present you a various collection of OCEAN® products with the highest Italian Quality all you have to do only press the button (Get IT) and enjoy the catalog.

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OCEAN® Home Appliances

OCEAN® is always by your side, a member of your family. A new friend to whom to entrust your shopping. One at home who helps you take care of the things you care about, saving you time. One of the home, beautiful and essential, reliable and ecological. One of the house who keeps you company, respecting your moments of relaxation in silence.
We are Crystal group proud to be the agent of ocean® in Egypt ,as Ocean® have a large Collection of home appliances with the highest Italian Quality and competitive prices, we really happy to cooperate with a professional company like Ocean®

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Customer testimonials are recommendations from satisfied buyers that affirm the value of a product or service. 

Islam Adel a customer

It is very nice and its price is a masterpiece compared
to the prices of other

Amany Saeid a customer

The same specifications and shape
are excellent. Its sound is good and its price is very nice

Soma a customer

The washing machine is very nice
and easy to handle. The cleanliness is very good and for the shipping above excellent, I recommend it very much

OCEAN® New Technology

OCEAN® New Technology in home appliances improve your appliance effectiveness and overall make your home life much more easier and enjoyable....

Activate Warranty online (Freezer + Ref. Mini Bar)

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