Guarantee Card

Each item include one Guarantee card , the customer must keep this card as long as the guaranty time is active

Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. The warranty starts from the date of purchase as stated on the official tax invoice and within a maximum of two months from the product receipt date as per the warranty schedule.
2. The original sales invoice must be provided along with the warranty card when availing service.
3. Spare parts replaced during maintenance or repair within the warranty period are the company’s responsibility.
4. The warranty does not cover defects or malfunctions resulting from misuse, damage, or violation of the product’s technical operating instructions.
5. All plumbing, drainage, and electrical connections are the customer’s responsibility and must be prepared before installation.
6. Consumable parts are not covered by the warranty, such as filters, cleaning, breakable parts, oven door glass, hob top glass, accessories, knobs, defects resulting from food residues, and the use of harmful chemicals damaging the cushions, grates, oven top, and oven interior racks.
7. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects and material defects (except as mentioned in clause 6).
8. Rust is not covered by the warranty.
9. The warranty does not cover faults and problems resulting from placing devices in bathrooms or places exposed to water. All maintenance work for manufacturing defects within the warranty period is free. In case of damage to spare parts within the warranty due to misuse or parts not covered by the warranty, they will be provided to the customer at cost.
10. For electric heaters, it is mandatory to adhere to the schedule for replacing the magnesium rod. Failure to replace it regularly and within the specified time in the schedule will void your warranty.

Warning: This warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • Failure to carry out installation or maintenance by the company or authorized service centers.
  • Failure to seal the warranty certificate or fill its contents by the company or authorized service centers.
  • Loss of the warranty certificate, removal of the water mark, or any alteration or scraping on it.
  • Commercial use.
  • Moving the device from the installation location specified in the warranty to another location without informing the company for reinstallation.
  • Faults resulting from accidents or natural disasters.
  • Sudden changes in electricity supply, or problems resulting from the absence of an earth connection at the customer’s home, or errors in loading, transporting, and storing by the customer.
  • Use of unauthorized and not recommended chemicals and the use of cleaning wire on metal surfaces of the devices.
  • The assumed lifespan of the product is a maximum of 6 months from the production date stated on the device.

Warranty Expectation life

Category Warranty Expectation life
Refrigerators 5 7
Freezers 5 7
Washing machines  5 7
 Dishwashers 5 7
 Dryers 5 7
Freestanding cookers 5 7
Italian Built In app 5 7
Italian Electric water Heaters 5 7
Turkish Built in app 3 7
Cooker Hoods  3 7
Small home appliances 2 5

Dear customer please make sure that the above sticker is included with the product you bought. 

Activate Warranty online (Freezer + Ref. Mini Bar)

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