Guarantee Card

Each item include one Guarantee card , the customer must keep this card as long as the guaranty time is active

Warranty terms

• The warranty according to the schedule of products stated in the warranty certificate starts from the day of installation only by the technician of the company
• Warranty includes only manufacture defects and do not include misuse like breaking ,firing or messing with the device
• Only damaged parts can be replaced during the warranty period for free but only in case of finding manufacture defects
• Installation and operating at first time should be paid by customer and in case of requesting any extra visit or explanation should be paid by customer.
• The company is not responsible for pre installation requirements like gas connections or plumbing supplies and the customer must prepare all the necessary pre- installation before installation and activating the warranty
• Warranty drops in case of messing with the device or operating or repairing by anyone except the technician of the company
• Must call customer service in order to activate the warranty that’s to keep your right in warranty
• With electric water heaters must change the magnesium column at the determined time and if not warranty drops
• If there is any complain you should call the customer service at   01279999313 - 03 5428962 - Hotline 15738
• Must keep the warranty card during the period of warranty and if it is lost it will consider canceled
• Non stamped warranty with a stamp of the company and unsigned with technician signature and unregistered in company consider canceled
• Any scrap or repair in warranty card consider canceled

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