OCEAN Group is a solid reality with a turnover of over one hundred million Euros in the domestic appliance industry, strong from the membership to a group that operates internationally ranging from building to raw materials, real estate and wine. It owns the brands OCEAN®, Sangiorgio® and SAMET® and operates in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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1. How do I find my model and serial number for my appliance?

Dear customer , you should know that every home appliance have a serial number this serial number identify all the appliance history like production time ,components and specification this serial number is a reference for the production company to check every data of this product.
So how can I get my appliance serial number? You can get your serial number from the placket putted inside the appliance this placket may be inside or outside the appliance depending on the product type

2. Where do I find the user’s manual and installation instructions?

In The user manual you can find all the instructions and explanation for the user to deal with the appliance in a good way so you must read your instruction manual carefully Where can I find May user manual?
In each Appliance Ocean put 2 users manuals on in English language and the other in Arabic language, so you can find them in a nylon pack inside the appliance.

3. Where can I find ocean products?

Dear customer ocean Egypt has a very big channel distribution all over Egypt you can find all our distribution here:
•You can download the Ocean distribution list from our website.
• Send your address on email and we will give you the entire distributors database near you area.
•Contact us on whats app and we will send you the Ocean distributors list.
• You can order online from our website and we will send you the product direct to your location.

4. My appliance is having trouble and might need repair. What shall i do in this issue?

Dear customer, if your appliance not working properly and you may need help just contact ocean customer services, and here are the following way to contact us:
• By email: most_marangoz@hotmail.com
• By phone: +2035428962 / +201288992000 / +20127999313
• By whatsapp: +201288992000 We will contact you and we will solve your problem via one of our technical

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