Replace Anode Rod
In Electric Water Heaters

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" Replace Anode Rod in Water Heaters "

Top 5 Reasons to replace anode rod in Water Heater!

1. You Want to Extend the lifespan of your water heater and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

2. You Want to avoid water heater leaks.

3. Your water heater is making popping and banging noises when heating, potentially signaling tank corrosion.

4. It’s been 3 or more years since you’ve checked or changed the anode rod.

5. Water from your faucets is gritty, sandy, or discolored.

Why Replacing Anode rod in water heater?

Replacing the anode rod in a water heater before it fails can slow down corrosion inside the tank and significantly extend the life of the water heater, sometimes even doubling it

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